Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lookie at my pretty!!!! Plus Chapter Six Pics and Linkage

Look at my beautiful story banner that the lovely EToMyB made for me!!!!  *does happy dance*  I loves it hard!!!!

Okay, I'm working on chapter six of Dance for Two now (well, not right this second but you know what I mean) and I'm hoping to have it up soon.  But I thought I'd go ahead and put up the pics and stuff for Chapter Six so that you can have them while reading ... and I'll give you a little teaser too!

The song they'll be working on is "So She Dances" by Josh Groban:

Here's what Bella will be wearing sometime after rehearsal ... use your imaginations!  *wink*

And - as promised - a li'l teaser:

I was unable to tear my eyes away from her when she began to dance, not that I wanted to.  I was glad for the excuse to watch her openly – the long line of her legs, the elegance of her hands, the curve of her cheek – like a moth drawn to a flame; it was useless for me to resist her.  The feel of her skin under my hands as I had rubbed her shoulders only made me want to touch more of her, and her groans of pleasure at my touch only added to my desire.  Alice had been right – as she inevitably always was.  I did like Bella … I just wasn’t sure how to go about letting her know that.

And now, back to work!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapter Five - Outfits and slight Teaser

All righty, here's what our lovely Bellarina will be wearing for her first rehearsal:

And here's where I got my inspiration for the two songs they're learning:

"Here Comes Goodbye" - Rascal Flatts:

And, as promised, a little teaser:

I found myself looking at Edward, wondering if he’d written the song from experience.  His features were unreadable, closed off until he caught me staring at him and his mouth lifted into my favorite crooked smile.  I sighed and smiled back, turning back to face Siobhan as she began to teach us the choreography.

Just a little taste of what's coming in Chapter Five!  I should have it finished and up no later than Wednesday night!  *crosses fingers*

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dance for Two - Chapter One Photo Inspiration

I've had a few people ask for me to post pictures of what Bella and others were wearing during certain scenes and chapters, so I decided I'd follow others and post the pics here on my blog.

In the first chapter of Dance for Two, Bella is wearing this for her audition:

Bella dances to Etta James' "At Last" - I used to work at a community theatre at our local community college, and we hosted the Washington (D. C.) Ballet every spring and summer, and one year, Twyla Tharpe was their guest choreographer.  She choreographed a gorgeous set of nine songs by Etta James, and one of the songs was, of course, "At Last," danced by a single female dancer.  I've looked on YouTube and other places to see if there is any footage of this around, but unfortunately, I have been unable to find it (if it even exists).  But, here's a link to Ms. James singing "At Last": .

I also chose to have Bella attend and be part of Ballet Chicago's corps de ballet; here's the link to their website: .

I'll have the other chapter pictures and links up soon!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sad and more than a little frustrated ...

I generally like to think of myself as a nice person.  I mean, doesn't everyone think that they're a nice person?  Being part of the Twilight fandom, I've been very lucky to meet a LOT of very nice people who have been lovely.  And what do nice people do?  We share, we include.  Like our favorite fan fictions, pictures, etc.  So when I was asked on a Facebook page of a very popular Twific (no, I'm not telling you which one) if anyone had a copy of this certain fic, I spoke up.  I said, sure, I'll email you a copy, no problem.

But ... there *was* a problem.

Apparently, this person that I innocently sent a copy of the story, sent it on.

And on.

And on.

And so I hopped on the computer today to check my email, and got an email from the author of the Twific.  Who is not really happy with *me* right now.

Seriously, I could freakin' cry right now, I'm so upset.  This author is probably my favorite one out there, and her fic is practically legendary among Twilight fanfiction.  And she probably hates my guts, thinking I'm this horrible person who just goes and passes stuff around that isn't theirs with no regard to others feelings.

Was the fic mine to share?  No.  But I was just trying to be nice ... and look what happened.


It's just really frustrating when you go and help someone out, and then they go and stab you in the back.  It's like if you loaned someone a book and then they have a friend who's all 'hey, can I borrow your book?'  And instead of your friend saying 'sorry, not my book to loan out' is all 'sure!'

Okay, so maybe that analogy isn't the best, but you get the idea.

I'll just sit here and try and drown my sorrows in emo Twific.

***UPDATE***  After offering the author my humble and abject apologies, things seem to be smoothed over.  I'm still mad as hell at the situation, but at least the author knows that I never intended for anything like this to happen.  *sigh*

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dance for Two - Pics and Song Links

Howdy hey there everybody!
So I've been a little busy with school and lots of RobPorn stuff, but I've also been writing a little Twilight fan fiction called Dance for Two - yeah right, like I'd let school interrupt my ficcing time!!  Ha!  Ha, I tell you!  ;-)  I thought I'd post some of the pics and songs and such that have been inspiring me while I write, just so you can get what's going on in my crazy brain!

First, some pretty Bellarina pics:

Here's the link to the Cullen's Seattle House:

Bella's dressing table:


Bella's dressing room/closet:

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Video:

That's all for now!  I'll post more as I get further along in the story.  :-)

A little teaser for Chapter Four - it's the "Bad Romance" scene from Edward's POV - so enjoy!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My first Twilight Fanfic ... I'm so proud!

So I had a little dream about Bella and Edward, and I decided to write a little story about them.  Thanks again to Shelle and Jessica for beta-ing for me, you gals are awesome!!  :-)

Edward is a classically trained pianist and is planning a new tour (he's sort of a mash up of Billy Joel/Ben Folds, etc) and he's searching for 'the one' - the perfect girl to be the solo dancer for his tour.  Bella is a ballet dancer in Chicago, she's best friends with Alice, Edward's sister, and she doesn't think Edward would ever remember her, let alone recognize her now. 

So go read, review please and let me know what you think!  *hugs*

Dance for Two

Update on me and the saga that is my health

Okay, so as a lot of my friends and family know, I was scheduled to have a partial hysterectomy done on Tuesday, Jan. 26th.  After a long, fun-filled year of my girly parts going haywire and partying it up in my uterus, my doctor had done a whole bunch of fun tests like pap smears and a colposcopy and the like, and ultimately found out that I had cervical dysplasia, which is a precancerous condition that leads to cervical cancer.  I had several options, and looking at my family history, I opted for a partial hysterectomy. 

Well, I get a phone call around 4 p.m. the night before my surgery from my doctor.  Who starts out with "I'm thinking we shouldn't do the hysterectomy."

And I'm all "what'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

And the doctor goes on to explain that he thinks a cone biopsy is the way to go.  Now, when we were first discussing my options - back in August - we discussed the cone biopsy.  And I chose the partial hysterectomy, due to the fact that:

1 - my husband has had a vasectomy, we're so done having kids

2 - my girly parts have been driving me crazy since puberty

3 - my mom and both grandmothers had breast cancer

4 - family history of many types of cancer

5 - did I mention that we're SO done having kids?

So yeah, back in AUGUST, I decided on the partial hysterectomy.  And here's my doctor, less than fourteen hours before my scheduled surgery, a surgery that was scheduled in AUGUST, telling me he's having doubts about doing a partial hysterectomy on a 32 year old.  Because he doesn't want me "having regrets".

What was that?  Regrets?  Okay, okay ... regrets ... like not having painful, labor like cramps every month?  Like having a period that lasted (no joke) for seven weeks? 

Yeah, I'm SO going to REGRET taking out the torture device organ that causes THAT to happen.

So I told him, "I'm going to have to completely ignore you, you moron discuss this with my husband, we'll tell you where to stick it  our decision in the morning, when we see you."

So I talk to my husband about all this, and he's like "Is the man on crack?"

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

The next morning, at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m., we get up and get ready to go.  We get to the hospital, sign in, and the nurse is like "So you're down here for a partial hysterectomy, but we got this weird call from the doctor last night that you're having a cone biopsy instead?"

To which I reply, "that's what he thinks I told him we'll discuss it this morning."

We go through all the paperwork and I'm sitting there with my husband, in my lovely hospital gown, my slipper socks and a paper hat (so attractive!) and in walks my doctor.  "I thought we were go with the cone biopsy?"

"Um, no you fucktard, we said I'd just ignore you  we'd discuss it in the morning."

So we argued back and forth, and he basically said "you're having the biopsy" - code for "I'm an idiot who gave you an option that you didn't have!  Your insurance won't cover the cost, so I'm acting all concerned for your welfare, when actually, I just want to get paid!"


So here I sit, proud owner of a uterus that doesn't work, that is taking it's revenge on me slowly ...

And I will probably have to have a partial hysterectomy ANYWAY.

*face palm*

Gotta love our medical system, huh?  Isn't it GREAT?!

Thanks to Twitarded for the pic - I felt it was appropriate.

And the saga that is my health continues - stay tuned for the next exciting chapter!