Monday, August 29, 2011

Omnific Publishing: Deb's Date with Irene

Omnific Publishing: Deb's Date with Irene: One of Omnific authors, Debra Anastasia , sustained some serious damage to her home as a result of Hurricane Irene.

OMG, this just makes the day we went without power seem so trivial; we were lucky and lost nothing. This blog post brought tears to my eyes and really made me thankful for everything. Debra - we're here if you need anything!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Story - "Instant Bridesmaid: Just Add Pixie Dust"

Be sure to check out my contribution to Fandom for Sexual Assault Awareness, "Instant Bridesmaid: Just Add Pixie Dust." You can find it on and Fresh Squeezed Lemons and it should be up on Twilighted and TWCS soon!

I have to once again thank the lovely vbfb1 for her awesome banner! She was a peach to work with, just lovely! Check out her other awesome work here: 


The cake ...
Bella's hair...

The bridesmaids' jewelry ...
The front of the bridesmaids' dress ...

Rosalie's hair and wedding gown ...

Picspiration for Edward and Bella's first touch ...
I hope y'all like the story - please let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When reading about someone losing their virginity...

... it really, REALLY bothers me when I read about:

*penises ripping through delicate tissues
*feeling your boyfriend's cock as it tears through your "membrane"
*his throbbing member breaking through her barrier


Why, you may be asking?

Let's take a gander at our good friend, the hymen, shall we? Often known by the established term “hymen,” the vaginal corona is the subject of many myths and misunderstandings. The most important of these is the notion that a woman’svaginal opening is covered by a membrane that ruptures with vaginal sex. This is incorrect.There is no such membrane. 

Did you read that?


rpattz what

So please to be stopping with this tearing/ripping/breaking nonsense, m'kay?

Since the vaginal corona isn’t a brittle membrane, the sensation when you first stretch out the mucous tissue folds – whether you’re inserting a tampon, masturbating or having insertive sex – is a highly individual experience. Some women feel no pain at all, while others, with a thicker vaginal corona, have reported some pains. There may be minor ruptures in the mucous folds that hurt, and sometimes there may be a little bleeding.

For a woman to enjoy vaginal intercourse – regardless of how many times she has done it and what is being inserted in her vagina – she needs to be aroused and lubricated (wet). If she is tense and has difficulties in relaxing, it may hurt more. It doesn’t matter whether it’s her first, second or tenth time.

Fellas - this is where you need to pay attention, right up there ^^^^. You got to get your lady nice and wet, m'kay?

rr smirk

I mean, seriously, I think I can speak for most women when I say that there have been times when I wasn't primed properly and shit HURT. And it most definitely wasn't my first time.

My first time? My boyfriend at the time was patient, caring and actually made my first time pleasurable. Sure there was stretching and such, but he "preheated the oven", had me on top (very important, since it allows the girl to control the penetration), and took his time.

Sure, he ended up going into the Marine Corps and turned into a flaming asshole, but hey - at least he did one thing right. ;-)

So dear writers, please, for the love of RPattz, STOP flipping writing about Edward "tearing" through Bella's barrier - THERE IS NO FUCKING BARRIER TO THE VAGINA.

*calming breaths*


Thank you. /rant

I got most of this information from common sense this really great article that you can read in its entirety here:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Final HP & the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 Trailer

Bloody trailer already has me crying ... I can only imagine what a sobbing mess I'll be actually watching the damn thing. *sob*

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying to read "Cosmopolis"? Don't even bother!

I'm sure by now that everyone has seen the delish pics of The Prettah all dolled up for "Cosmopolis".

Like this one ...
... and this one ...

... and this one *sighs dreamily*

Oh holy hell, there went my panties.

I'm just including this one, because the look on his face is PRICELESS! LMAO!
So anyhoodle, I attempted to read the book "Cosmopolis".  It's only 90 pages, I eat 90 page books for breakfast, I figured this would be a uber quick read and I'd be on my merry way.

Six days later ... (and no, I'm not even joking!)

Seriously, the thing reads like stereo instructions.  It hurt my brain to read it, fo sho.

I tried to like this book, I really did.  I thought the premise sounded interesting, I thought that the main character, Eric, would have at least ONE redeeming quality to him.

Nope, not one.

Firstly, the book is confusing as all get out.  Is it set in the future? We know it takes place in New York City, but no clear indication is given to help you figure out the year.  The various gadgets and tools Eric uses in the course of his day would make you believe we're talking about a future time:  webphones, Eric's wristwatch that has holographic displays, etc.  Then there's the magical custom limousine that Eric travels around in that is so over-the-top: it has a Carrarra marble floor, a wall of video screens, a built-in doctor's examination table that folds away when not in use, a full-size desk and chair and a smaller jump seat for whichever of Eric's various lackey's is discussing the day's events.

The dialogue is bizarre and rambling, you're never quite sure who is talking and to whom at any given moment.  Eric is married to Elise, but he cheats on her at least twice in the course of a few hours - and doesn't recognize his wife on several encounters he has with her during the day.  He's vain, self-centered and only at the very end does he realize he does love his wife ... what a bastard!

And not the Beautiful Bastard, either. I wish! *dreamy sigh*

Eric has not one redeeming quality, not ONE.

And the ending?  SERIOUSLY?  I wanted to throw my Nook across the room, that's how pissed off I was once I'd finished.

Yep, that was pretty much my reaction.

I only hope to goddess that they find some way to make sense of this book's narrative and find some type of plot for the movie that is being filmed currently.  I adore Robert Pattinson, but goddess help him - unless they change something about Eric or make him become somewhat redeemable, I will not be seeing this movie.

Okay, well ... yeah, I probably will, because HELLO? It has Robert Pattinson in it - possibly nekkid Robert Pattinson.  And while he won't be doing this:

Mmm, break that headboard, Robward!
If I get to see something like this:

Guh, OMG, take me now!
I will be insanely happy ... and I'll take it! ;-)

CosmopolisCosmopolis by Don DeLillo

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chapter Twelve - Pics and Update

Okay, me not posting since September?  Not cool.  *sigh*

Sometimes, being a grown up really sucks.

Go away, real life, goooo!!!

Seriously.  Today, I totes should have cleaned my filthy house.  Know what I did instead?  Read fanfic and procrastinated.  So I did a few loads of laundry ... did they get put away?  *snort*  Yeah right.


I finally got "Dance for Two" updated - IKR?  It only took me six months.  Sheesh.

So here's the pics to go along with the latest chappie:

Bella's shirt
Bella's capris

Bella's shoes

Bella's panties - they're Agent Provocateur 

Bella's hair
Angela's shirt
Angela's shoes
Alice's dress
Alice's shoes (they're Manolo's)
The club

The VIP Booth

So I hope everyone enjoys the latest chapter.  I've also just signed up to do a one-shot for the Fandom for Sexual Assault Awareness - please consider supporting this awesome cause!  

For just $5 you'll get all of the stories in the compilation, including ones from Sebastien Robichaud, AwesomeSauce76, GreenEyedGirl17, KitsuShel, NJNYTwiGals, TKegl, TaraSueMe & Ms. Kathy and tons of other fantastic authors!

Meanwhile, for me, it's back to the drudgery of working, housework and ... oh, who am I kidding?  More of lusting after Twilight and Rob.