Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! (Or why I have the Best Friends EVER!)

My birthday was this past week, and every year, the hubby and I have a Halloween party - this year the theme was Harry Potter.  We had a lot of fun and here's some pics:

Me and the hubby - we're Ginny and Harry Potter - ten years later!  ;-)

My Best Friend #1 Nay and her hubby Brent - Hogwarts Most Unlikely Couple - Professor Umbridge and Hagrid!

My Mom as Professor Sprout (with a Mandrake!)

My Best Friend #2 Tracy as Luna Lovegood and her fiance, Bryce as "a muggle" - ha!

Our friends Gramm and Sarah as Lupin and Tonks (awww)

Our friend Chris as Professor Dumbledore

And now onto the reason why I have the BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!!!

My cake:

"You're pale white and ice cold."
"Say it.  Out loud."
"Ice cream cake!"

My presents:

Yay!  Now Pocket Edward has a friend!

New Moon candies!  Yay!!!

Eating icing and cake off of Edward?  Don't mind if I do!

Yeah, my BFFs are awesome!  Plus ... Mr. TM isn't too bad himself.  He got me this for my birthday:

The dress, not the creepy guy on the left.

Yeah, my birthday rocked!  Thanks, guys!