Friday, January 3, 2014

Update on Writing and My Life

*cautiously peeks out from behind door*

Erm, hello there! *waves tentatively*

So yeah... I've been gone awhile.

I wish I had a more credible excuse other than my writing muses just packed up and disappeared to parts unknown, but I don't. I've opened several of the Word files where I store my stories several times, but after writing a few sentences - sometimes only a word or two - nothing clicks.

I've had several plot bunnies come hopping around, and I write down and keep track of what they whisper to me in the wee small hours, but they just won't let my words come out and play.

So as for "A Moonless Night" and "Stars Shining Bright" and yes, even "Dance for Two" - I promise that I haven't forgotten them or abandoned them. I've got five chapters of "Stars Shining Bright" completed and beta'd, but I don't want to publish it until it's complete.

If I can ever get past this particular section of "A Moonless Night" that I'm working on, I seriously have just about the entire rest of the story written out in my notes.

And I even had a plot bunny come along and whisper to me about "Dance for Two" the other day - which hasn't happened in over a year!

So hang in there, those of you who are reading - I promise good things are coming!