Monday, September 6, 2010

"Dance for Two" - Chapter 11 and Personal Update

I'm alive!!!!

I know, it's been forever, right?

So ... long story short, my personal life has been insane in the membrane lately.  My father unexpectedly passed away - among other things - so my writing and such kind of got put on the back burner.  Plus, my muse had kind of run for the hills, if you know what I mean.  *deep breath*  I hope to be a bit more regular about updating from here on out.  *crosses fingers*

Okie dokies, on with the show then.

So, I've updated "Dance for Two", and you can find the latest chapter ...


On Fresh Squeezed Lemons

On The Writer's Coffee Shop Library

... and soon on Twilighted, once it's verified and such.

So pictures, pictures.

Just to refresh - this is Bella's green dance dress:

These are dance shorts - though Bella's are nude colored:

This is what Bella's dressing room looks like:

And Bella's casual clothes for dinner:

Thank you all for reading!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two New and Lovely Banners!

Check out the gorgeous banners that the lovely Audra aka Tatted Minx made for me this week:

This is the one for "Dance for Two" - wow!

And this is the one for "All Along" - double wow!

Words can't express how humbled and awed I am at these gorgeous banners!  Thanks again, Audra!  *hugs*

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dance for Two - Chapter Ten Photos n Such

So Chapter Ten is up on and also on The Writer's Coffee Shop - I must say thank you again to rubiesymusica my terrific beta for her quick turn-around on the chapter!  She's amazing!

Now, on to pictures!

This is the car that Carlisle and Esme have insisted Bella use.  It's a Mercedes 300C.

This is Ben - Justin Chon who plays "Eric" in the movies - but Ben is with Angela, so that's who he is in my story.  :-)

Yep, we all know who Mike Newton is, but I figured a picture wouldn't hurt, lol.

This is the "Water Lilies" dress - isn't it gorgeous?

This is the blue chiffon dress - so pretty.

This is a typical rehearsal outfit for Felix or Demetri.  Let me tell you, guy dancers are HOT.  And usually built like brick sh*thouses.

And Angela - because Christian Serratos is beautiful.

Even though he's a bit young, I really like Boo Boo Stewart as Seth - he's a cutie.  So I kept him as Seth, the tour manager in this story.

Yup, it's Peter Krause - and that's who I have as my Peter, the sound technician.

I chose Justin Bartha as my Garrett, the lighting designer.  It's sort of a little inside joke, because my hubward used to do lighting design, his name is Garrett, and everyone always tells him he looks like "Riley" from "National Treasure" - because he sort of does.  LOL.  So this is my Garrett.

Yup, that's Charlie Bewley as my Demetri too.  He's so cute!

And Daniel Cudmore as my Felix - he's so cute, too!

This is the actress Tushka Bergen, who I've chosen as my Siobhan.  She was in the movie Swing Kids - one of my absolute favorite movies ever.

I'm still looking for proper pictures of the stage set, but I haven't found anything that I like so far.  Basically, the stage is open in the front with the piano and band/orchestra seated on a higher section behind where the dancers will perform. But to clear up some possible confusion that my beta pointed out to me:

Upstage is back and downstage is front (in theater vernacular) - always think of stage directions in terms of you standing on stage, looking out at the audience.  Hence:


Stage Right     Center Stage     Stage Left


I hope you enjoy my little diagram, lol.  

Thank you and happy reading!

Friday, June 11, 2010

All Along

Okay, so don't kill me - I know I haven't updated in FOREVER.

The lovely deluge of Rob picspam I've been getting lately just maybe might have something to do with that.
Helloooo, Edward.  *drools*

His little face here just breaks my heart!

Like this one.  *dies*

Or all the awesome stuff from Eclipse that's come out lately?  That might have something to do with it too.

Oh holy hell.
Hello, Major Whitlock!  *rawr*

Yum.  The Cullen boys are lookin' fine.

But I realized that I hadn't put up the one-shot I wrote a few weeks ago on here, so here it is:

All Along on Twilighted

All Along on

I've also got it up on The Writer's Coffee Shop as well.  :-)  The lovely Pauline and Holly that make up NJNY Twigals have planted a few plot bunnies into my head about possibly turning "All Along" into a chapter story - which I very well may do.  I'd like to explore the relationship between this version of Bella and Edward, delve into their background and see what happens.  Yes, I'm still working on "Dance for Two", it's just that chapter 10 is being a bit difficult at the moment.  *sigh*  I'm sure you writers can sympathize.

I also got an email from one of my readers of "Dance for Two", and she sent me a gorgeous banner that she made for me!

Thank you, Anna!  It's lovely, and I'm so honored!

Thanks to everyone who's been so patient for me to get out the next chapter - love you guys!  *hugs*

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Eclipse Trailer!!!!!


David Slade, I bow down before the awesomeness that is your mad directing skillz.  *bows down*

OME, I'm so effing excited now!!!!!

*watches again*

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dance for Two Chapter 9 - Linkage and Photos!

Okies, so Chapter Nine of "Dance for Two" is up at, TWCS Library and should be up on Twilighted soon!

Here is the song that I've used in this chapter, "In Her Eyes" by Josh Groban.  Please don't ask me what's going on in the actual video, I have no idea!  LOL  I did have a cute fan video someone did using Alice and Jasper (which gave me the idea of Jasper helping to write the song), but it has disappeared.  I just wanted you to hear the studio version versus the live versions that are out there.  :-)

Edward's Bosendorfer Piano:

Inside the recording studio:

The sound booth to the recording studio:

Thank you again to mah girl Jess for being an awesome beta, and to mah girls Bri, B and Shelle for pre-reading - I lubs you guys lots!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dance for Two - Chapter Eight Pics n Such

Everyone really seems to like me giving you lots of pics, so here goes!

First, Bella's peasant blouse:

Esme's car - it's a Mercedes ML63 AMG, in case you were wondering!

The bridal boutique private room:

Rosalie's bridesmaid gown:

Bella's bridesmaid gown:
 Alice's wedding gown:

And bodice detail on Alice's gown:

Big huge gracias to rubiesymusica for being an awesome beta and to Iadorepugs for giving me Emmett's joke about Kermit and Miss Piggy - you gals are awesome!  *hugs*

New Twilight Book

So Stephenie Meyer announced today that she's publishing a new Twilight book.

I know, right?  I'm sure you - like me - started jumping up and down, thinking - FINALLY!!!  She finished Midnight Sun!!!!!!!

Nope.  So stop the happy dance you're doing.

Instead, we were told that she's publishing ... Bree the Newborn's POV?  What the Forks??

Don't get me wrong - I adore Stephenie, I really and truly do.  I love all the books in the Twilight Saga (yes, even Breaking Dawn has its moments), and I really liked The Host, and I'll even admit that I read the little bit of Midnight Sun she posted on her website after it went viral.  Okay, so I read it A LOT, and it pretty much owned me for a while.

But Stephenie, sweetie, here's a little hint, just from one Twihoor to you:

You want to make a lot of money for The Red Cross *and* sell a shitton of books?


Because, honestly, I don't know anyone who loves this series that wouldn't immediately fork over money for Midnight Sun.  You could probably sell it dipped in 14 karat gold for an insane amount of money and we'd buy it.  Seriously.  I mean, we've all put out the money for the graphic novel - even though it's basically the same book we already have - and honestly, if we wanted to know what the characters looked like to you - we could just ... I don't know ... watch the movie?

And don't get me wrong - I am in LOVE with the graphic novel - I love the artwork, and the little details are awesome.

But I'd really love to have Midnight Sun too.  And while I will purchase The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner ... it just won't be the same.

I'm going to go drown my sorrows in Twific now.  ;-)  At least my Hoorchies won't let me down!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rifftrax: New Moon

I loved MST3K, and I still love the funny stuff these guys come up with!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hilarious "Deleted" Scenes from "New Moon"

This was so funny, I nearly woke up the Hubward with my laughter!  Another gem from the gals at Twitarded :

"He wants to talk to you."

"I want to talk to you."

"That's what I just said."

"Shut up!"

"No, you shut up!"


"Eclipse" Sneak Peek

Got this from the gals at Twitarded :

I can't freakin' wait!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chapter Seven - Pics and Such

Here's the ringtone from Bella's phone for Alice:

Yes, JG - you were right!  I'm a Gleek!  LOL

Bella's panties and bra:

Edward's shirt:

And my idea for Edward's rooms at the Cullen's house is basically he's living in a separate apartment (like an in-law suite) that's attached to the house, but separate as well.  Just so I don't confuse anyone, lol.

Edward's bedroom:

Edward's living room (you're looking in through the main door):

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and reviews!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ala Chandler Bing:  Could I BE more excited?

Nope, I think not!!!!!!!!

*jumps up and down, clapping hands*


Sunday, March 7, 2010

And a couple of oldies but goodies:

Rob & Hayley from "Paramore" - these two still crack me up!

Artist On Artist

paramore | MySpace Music Videos

Robert Pattinson and Hayley Williams

Cassie | MySpace Video

I adore how he keeps teasing her about how she pronounces "here", lol.  My cousins live in TN, and I get a weird southern/Maryland accent thing going when I talk to them, and my hubward makes fun of me when I pronounce some words.  Like "book", lol.

Rob and Pierce Brosnan "Artist on Artist" Video

Got this from Twilighters - just how freakin' cute is Rob in this video?  LOL  And I adore Pierce Brosnan anyway, so hearing him gush about Rob is awesome!

Artist on Artist with Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan

Artist on Artist | MySpace Video

I can not WAIT for this movie!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gorgeous New Moon Video

I got this from Twitarded, and it's a gorgeous "New Moon" video by SkyAstrid that is just ... wow.  Amazing!  It made me teary, it's that beautiful.  So watch!!

"Bathrooms are for Lovers"

I just have to take a sec to pimp out my buddy EToMyB's Twilight fanfic, Bathrooms are for Lovers.  It's crazy funny, and she's the shiznit at cracking my ass up!!!  I <3 her hard, this is one funny chick!!!  So go read it already!!  :-)

Take it all off, baby!!

Little blurb about Rob on The Daily Show and how he had to take his shoes off at JFK in NYC ... really, paps? This is all you could find to talk about yesterday?  Sheesh!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lookie at my pretty!!!! Plus Chapter Six Pics and Linkage

Look at my beautiful story banner that the lovely EToMyB made for me!!!!  *does happy dance*  I loves it hard!!!!

Okay, I'm working on chapter six of Dance for Two now (well, not right this second but you know what I mean) and I'm hoping to have it up soon.  But I thought I'd go ahead and put up the pics and stuff for Chapter Six so that you can have them while reading ... and I'll give you a little teaser too!

The song they'll be working on is "So She Dances" by Josh Groban:

Here's what Bella will be wearing sometime after rehearsal ... use your imaginations!  *wink*

And - as promised - a li'l teaser:

I was unable to tear my eyes away from her when she began to dance, not that I wanted to.  I was glad for the excuse to watch her openly – the long line of her legs, the elegance of her hands, the curve of her cheek – like a moth drawn to a flame; it was useless for me to resist her.  The feel of her skin under my hands as I had rubbed her shoulders only made me want to touch more of her, and her groans of pleasure at my touch only added to my desire.  Alice had been right – as she inevitably always was.  I did like Bella … I just wasn’t sure how to go about letting her know that.

And now, back to work!!!!