Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dance for Two - Chapter Ten Photos n Such

So Chapter Ten is up on and also on The Writer's Coffee Shop - I must say thank you again to rubiesymusica my terrific beta for her quick turn-around on the chapter!  She's amazing!

Now, on to pictures!

This is the car that Carlisle and Esme have insisted Bella use.  It's a Mercedes 300C.

This is Ben - Justin Chon who plays "Eric" in the movies - but Ben is with Angela, so that's who he is in my story.  :-)

Yep, we all know who Mike Newton is, but I figured a picture wouldn't hurt, lol.

This is the "Water Lilies" dress - isn't it gorgeous?

This is the blue chiffon dress - so pretty.

This is a typical rehearsal outfit for Felix or Demetri.  Let me tell you, guy dancers are HOT.  And usually built like brick sh*thouses.

And Angela - because Christian Serratos is beautiful.

Even though he's a bit young, I really like Boo Boo Stewart as Seth - he's a cutie.  So I kept him as Seth, the tour manager in this story.

Yup, it's Peter Krause - and that's who I have as my Peter, the sound technician.

I chose Justin Bartha as my Garrett, the lighting designer.  It's sort of a little inside joke, because my hubward used to do lighting design, his name is Garrett, and everyone always tells him he looks like "Riley" from "National Treasure" - because he sort of does.  LOL.  So this is my Garrett.

Yup, that's Charlie Bewley as my Demetri too.  He's so cute!

And Daniel Cudmore as my Felix - he's so cute, too!

This is the actress Tushka Bergen, who I've chosen as my Siobhan.  She was in the movie Swing Kids - one of my absolute favorite movies ever.

I'm still looking for proper pictures of the stage set, but I haven't found anything that I like so far.  Basically, the stage is open in the front with the piano and band/orchestra seated on a higher section behind where the dancers will perform. But to clear up some possible confusion that my beta pointed out to me:

Upstage is back and downstage is front (in theater vernacular) - always think of stage directions in terms of you standing on stage, looking out at the audience.  Hence:


Stage Right     Center Stage     Stage Left


I hope you enjoy my little diagram, lol.  

Thank you and happy reading!

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