Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pictures for A Moonless Night - Chapter 1

The Titanic, on sailing day, April 10, 1912
Bella's dressing case (also known as a train case)

Bella's birth mother's hair comb

Charlie's pocket watch

Steamer trunk (also known as Cabin Trunks, because they would be kept in the person's cabin versus being kept down in the hold.)

Esme's travelling suit

Alice's (pink checked) and Bella's (green) travelling suits

Second Class ticket (reproduction)

Trunk tag for luggage to be kept in the passengers cabin (the other luggage would be tagged to be placed in the hold).

The Titanic's intended sailing route (unfinished portion in dashes).

Second Class entrance on D Deck (the stairs led up to the Second Class Promenade Deck or down to more Second Class Cabins on E Deck).

Bella and Alice's cabin (one of the few pictures known of the Second Class cabins on Titanic).

Carlisle and Esme's cabin (another one of the few existing pictures of Titanic's Second Class cabins).

Floor Plans of D Deck (upper) and E Deck (lower), circled portions show the Cullen's two cabins and Edward's quarters. The Stewards (and most of the crew) bunked in dormitory-style rooms.

The Second Class Library on Titanic (this photo is actually of Olympic, but the rooms were supposedly identical).

The Second Class Dining Saloon on Titanic (artists rendering).

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